Archives for April 10, 2019

Changes in Omokoroa routes

With increasing numbers of students travelling from Omokoroa to Otumoetai there is a need to reorganise the R22 and R25 routes.

From the beginning of Term 2, the R22 bus will provide a service for students that live north of Western Ave, including the tip of the peninsula. Once the bus reaches Western Ave it will stop collecting students.

The R25 bus will pick up students living south of Western Ave, including those living in and Kayelene Place, Lynley Park, Kaimai Views and Prole Road.

Please click here to view the route maps and descriptions:

R22 AM R22 PM
R25 AM R25PM

New website

Our new website is designed to provide a much higher standard of information for schools, parents and students. Over time, this site will contain all of the information you need to know regarding our school transport operation.

One of the features of the new website is interactive mapping. Over the next few months we will be able to update the waypoints for each route and provide parents with a much stronger idea of when the bus is due to arrive.

If you have a suggestion about how to make this site even better, please make contact with EasyBus.