Pukemapu transfer point

Wth the council’s roadworks now complete, the transfer point has been relocated to the original position opposite Waimapu Garage.

R6 Delay due to bus problems

R6 Has Delays due to bus problems, A replacement bus has been sent. R5 is picking up extra passengers that he can. For the remaining passengers, it could be about 20 minutes late

Delays to Western routes – 27 May 21

Due to a car crash on the Wairoa Bridge this afternoon, significant traffic delays are affecting all of the western routes this afternoon.

R23 to start earlier

From Monday 31 May the R23 AM bus will start earlier at Omokoroa. This change has been made due to increased traffic congestion on SH2.

You can find route times here.

Delays to Western routes – 10 May

There has been an accident on youngson Road so there will be delays for all routes coming from the west this morning.