Delays around Welcome Bay

Due to a car crash on SH29 in Poike, there will be delays to morning services today. Routes in and around Welcome Bay are likely to experience lengthy delays.

Change to transfer point for R5, R6 and R7

From this coming Monday, the transfer point will be shifted due to roadworks that will be ongoing for the remainder of this term.
The AM transfer point will be on Fraser St at Pemberton Park. In the afternoon, the transfer point will be outside Yatton Park.

Consolidation of R12 with R14 in the afternoons

Due to low student numbers, the first part of the R12 route servicing Tauriko School has become non-viable in the afternoon.

For Term 4, a trial will be undertaken that consolidates this route with the R14 route. The updated timetable can be found here.

There is no change to the morning services.

All clear

There are no route updates to report at this time


With the move to Covid-19 alert level 2 all school buses will be operational on Monday 18th May. Buses will operate at their normal times.

In line with Government advice, students who are unwell should not be placed on a school bus. Schools and our bus operator will work together on maintaining lists of bus passengers to enable contact tracing.

Hand sanitiser will be available on each vehicle and students are required to use it when boarding the bus.  Seats in close proximity to the driver will be left vacant. Vehicles and all surfaces within will be sanitised after each journey.