Change to R10

There will be a slight change to this route from Monday 1 March. The route will be curtailed from Hanga Road and extended along Old Kaimai Road to #220.

Route times have not yet been changed; the route will be monitored over the first few days to confirm the timetable. In the mean time, please be ready 10 minutes before the indicated times.

R24 delayed – 10 Feb AM service

The vehicle on R24 has a mechanical problem this morning and is being replaced by a vehicle coming from Tauranga. As a result, the service will be running about 20 minutes late today.

Delays around Welcome Bay

Due to a car crash on SH29 in Poike, there will be delays to morning services today. Routes in and around Welcome Bay are likely to experience lengthy delays.

Change to transfer point for R5, R6 and R7

From this coming Monday, the transfer point will be shifted due to roadworks that will be ongoing for the remainder of this term.
The AM transfer point will be on Fraser St at Pemberton Park. In the afternoon, the transfer point will be outside Yatton Park.