Kaimai routes

Changes to R11 during McLaren Falls Road and Peers Road closure

While the intersection of McLaren Falls Road and Peers Road are closed for the installation of two cattle underpasses, starting on 20 March 2023, multiple buses will be used to service the R11 route.

Morning Route: The R11 bus will pick up along Omanawa Road only, while the Buzzy Bee bus will pick up R11 passengers along McLaren Falls Rd. The two buses will meet in Tauriko to transfer passengers at about 8am.

Afternoon Route: 

The R11 bus will pick up at Girls College and then meet other buses at Tauriko at about 4pm as usual. McLaren Falls Road passengers should transfer to the Buzzy Bee bus. Belk Road passenegers should transfer to the R13 bus. Omanawa Road passengers should transfer to, or remain on, the R11 bus.

Change to R10

There will be a slight change to this route from Monday 1 March. The route will be curtailed from Hanga Road and extended along Old Kaimai Road to #220.

Route times have not yet been changed; the route will be monitored over the first few days to confirm the timetable. In the mean time, please be ready 10 minutes before the indicated times.