Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring


Processing of Funding
Funds are received into a separate bank account.  Invoices are prepared by School Admin. Invoices are added to a payment batch by Barbara Schollum and authorised by Henk Popping.

Our TSP is Madge Coachlines Limited, trading as Uzabus.

transport allowance

Not applicable here.

transport contracts

The bus operator contract was tendered in 2014. The initial agreement term was six years. The first of two contract extensions has been implemented.

Our Network Manager is School Admin. At the time this agreement was entered into there were no competing businesses in this market..

network agreement

The Network Agreement describes how our transport committee is constituted, how decisions are made and how finances are managed. The current agreement expires at the end of 2024.

health and safety system

We maintain a documented system of policies, procedures, registers and forms. These re reviewed on a regular basis as appropriate. Risk registers, for example, are reviewed more often than policies.

operator reporting

School Admin has direct access to the Uzabus Event Register to identify events, driver infringements, health and safety incidents and other matters. This system is soon to be repaced.

On a regular basis School Admin meets with the operator to review past performance and identify upcoming compliance tasks.

incident and complaint reporting

All complaints, safety reports and service incidents are reported to School Admin. Where appropriate, the bus operator completes an investigation which is then reviewed by School Admin. All reports and incidents are reported to the Committee and reviewed as appropriate.

bus operator documentation

In selecting a bus operator via the tender process, the operator supplied documentation to confirm their qualifications to operate a school bus service. The Transport Service License and Certificate of Knowledge of Law and Practice are supplied once only. The Child Protection Policy is reviewed every three years. School Admin confirms that CPP refresher training occurs on an annual basis. The Health and Safety Policy is reviewed every two years. Current insurance certificates are supplied and reviewed.



Risk management occurs in many ways within our school bus operation. The District Risk Register describes risks and controls that are prevalent across all bus routes. Route-specific risks are noted on Route Schedules. Our bus operator also maintains a risk register. 

bus stops

Bus stop safety is managed in accordance with our EasyBus policy. Bus stops summary reports are completed on a regular basis to confirm that stops in operation meet the required safety standards.

maintenance processes and vehicle safety

Maintenance is delivered by qualified personnel in accordance with a documented maintenance programme. Supporting documented is received and reviewed by School Admin, with copies held for access by the Committee. This monitoring process programme includes maintenance records, CoF checks sheets and daily checks by bus drivers. Driver mobile phone details are recorded on the Driver Register; there are no dead-spots within this district.

driver training

All bus drivers receive at least two half-days of training per year. This training is delivered primarily via workshops during the first and third term breaks. Schools and School Admin contribute to the agendas for these workshops. School Admin receives and reviews the report from each workshop. (Note: this process is in-development and will be activated from 2023)

driver monitoring

Aside from the driver licensing and qualifications described above, there are three other areas of driver compliance that bus operators monitor. Where required, drivers complete logbooks in accordance with the Work Time and Logbook Rule. Drivers in this category are flagged on the Driver Register. In the same way, drivers that use prescription medication that could affect their driving are monitored. Some drivers also have conditions attached to their licenses.

Our bus operator also maintains a Drug and Alcohol policy. This policy contains provisions for pre-employment, random and post-incident testing. Schools Admin monitors compliance with this policy via EF56 meetings.