Emergency route summary – Southern routes

Emergency route summary – Southern routes

This page provides a summary of emergency route designs. This information is for the use of our bus operator and school staff – it is not for public distribution at this time.

R4 – R5 – R6 – R7 – R8 – R9
Pyes Pa, Oropi, Ohauiti

R6 Oropi middle
R7 Oropi lower

AM – R6 operates at normal time. R7 picks up 15mins late. All students arrive 15mins later than normal.

PM – R7 operates at normal time. R6 is 15mins late.

R5 Pyes Pa upper
R8 Oropi upper

AM – R8 starts 10mins earlier. Part of Pyes Pa Rd is not covered – students go on R9 emergency route. R5 picks up 25mins late. All students arrive 25-30mins later than normal.

PM – R5 runs first, operating at normal time. R8 follows, operating 25mins late. Part of Pyes Pa travels on R9 emergency route.

R4 Ohauiti
R9 Pyes Pa lower

AM – R4 starts 10mins earlier and then completes R9, starting 25mins later.

PM – R4 runs first at the normal time. From end of route, bus travels direct to R9, completing Pyes Pa Rd first and then Joyce Road.

Broad strategy

One driver down
– Combine R6 and R7

Two drivers down
– Combine R6 and R7
– C
ombine R5 and R8, extend R9

Three drivers down
– Combine R6 and R7
– Combine R5 and R8
– Combine R4 and R9

route change process

The process for making emergency changes to routes is as follows:

  1. Uzabus identifies a driver shortage and decides which emergency route plan will be activated.
  2. Uzabus contacts Greig to advise the activation, Greig updates this page 
  3. Greig sends an email to the Operations group announcing the change. 
  4. Greig sends a text message to affected principals.
  5. School personnel communicate with their community as previously decided.
  6. The change remains in effect until further notice – no further communications will occur until the normal route/s are reactivated.

CHange record

The table below contains a running record of changes to these routes, to assist school staff in identifying changes.

13 Mar
R6 and R7
Emergency route published