R4-9 – Ohauiti and Pyes Pa lower

R4-9 – Ohauiti and Pyes Pa lower

This emergency route design combines the R4 Ohauiti route and the R9 Pyes Pa lower routes. 

Morning service

The route first follows the R4 route which will being 10mins earlier at 7.07am. From Hairini the bus will travel along Poike Road to SH29A and then to the corner of Pyes Pa Road and Joyce Road to commence the R9 route at 8am. This is 25mins later than the normal start time of this service. Students will be approximately 20mins late for school.

afternoon service

This bus collects students from Tauranga Intermediate, Tauranga Boys’ and then Tauranga Girls. It then follows the R4 service and will operate at usual time. From McPhail Road, the bus travels along Oropi Gorge Road to Pyes Pa and picks up the R9 route at the corner of Joyce Road and Pyes Pa Road.

McPhail Road – 4.26pm
Pyes Pa Road at Joyce Road – 4.40pm
Kennedy Road – 4.50pm
North end of Joyce Road – 4.52pm
Corner Joyce Road and Iona Drive – 5.00pm

Please note: you may not have your usual driver delivering this service. Please ensure that you are waiting at the bus stop in good time and be prepared to wave down the driver. On afternoon services, students should be ready to let the driver know when their stop is coming up – older students can assist younger students with this. Parents can help by waiting at the stop and flagging down the bus as it approaches.

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