Fare-paying students

Fare-paying students

Unfortunately, the Group does not receive sufficient funding from the Ministry of Education to cover the cost of the rural school bus service in its present form. The Group’s funding agreement with the Ministry explicitly prohibits us from charging eligible students a fare, which means that additional revenue can only be generated by ineligible students.

The definition of eligible student comes from the Ministry of Education’s rules:

– living the required distance from school (3.2km or 4.8km)
– living more than 2.4km from public transport
– travelling to the nearest school

Parents should note that the Group does not distribute any form of surplus to member schools. Fares are set at a level that is just high enough to meet costs and ensure that the Group does not make a loss.

Types of fares

These are two types of fares payable in our Group:

  1. Tauriko School students are able to access an afternoon service to reduce the need for families living close by to pick them up from school. This is to improve safety for all students by reducing the number of cars on the road. These fares are set at $37.50 per term.
  2. Students that travel beyond the closest appropriate school to a more distant school. Please refer to your school’s profile page to see whether you will be required to pay a fare. These fares are set at $75 per term.

A $20 discount is available to families that have more than one sibling at the same school. A further $20 discount is available to families that choose to purchase all four term passes during term 1 of each year. Passes can be purchased from your school office.

Travelling to secondary schools

The majority of our fare-paying students are traveling beyond their nearest secondary school. Click here to view a summary of locations where fares will be charged.

Casual bus usage

The Group does not offer a casual service to students. The only students that are allowed to travel on a TTNG bus are:

Purchasing a bus pass

Bus passes can be purchased from the school office.