Intermediate students and school transport

Intermediate students and school transport

On this page you can find information about how school bus transport is provided to students enrolled in Years 7 and 8. There are three two broad categories of rural-based students, with each having a different entitlement to travel on a TTNG bus.

Students attending their nearest school

Year 7 and 8 students who live closer to Omokoroa Point School, Omokoroa #1 School or Tauriko School than the neighbouring schools are entitled to free access to a TTNG bus to take them to those schools.

Students attending Otumoetai Intermediate and Tauranga Intermediate

The intermediate schools in Tauranga and the three schools mentioned above are all members of the TTNG. Member schools have agreed that transport will be provided to all students for whom a member school is their nearest appropriate school. These students can access a bus but they are required to pay a fare.

Students living closer to Te Puna School, Whakamarama School and Kaimai School

These three schools are not members of the TTNG. Therefore, year 7 and 8 students for whom these schools are the closest are not allowed to access a bus from beyond the half way point between the schools. These students must travel to the halfway point, and they are required to pay a fare.