Updated: R22 – change to route timing from 16 Feb

Dear families,

We acknowledge that there has been a delay in settling down the bus services coming from Ōmokoroa. At the beginning of each school year we need to go through a process of balancing loads between the four buses that service the peninsula to try and reduce the number of standees. This process has been delayed this year due to difficulties in obtaining the necessary data.

It might be tempting to draw a connection between bus pass orders the the number of required seats on buses. Unfortunately this approach does not work – in 2022 we provided many more passes than there are spaces available. Many students live in more than one household, many students use the bus inconsistently, some students only use the bus once per week. All of these students hold valid bus passes, meaning that the number of passes issued is always higher than the number of actual passengers.

The required data was supplied to EasyBus today and we have been able to make an immediate change as follows. Here it is:

  • R22 will commence operations at Prole Road, 5 to 7 minutes later than the current time, and will wait at Prole Road
  • R25 will complete the first part of its route along Old Highway and Youngson Road and then will pass R22 to commence picking up students along Omokoroa Road
  • R22 will follow along behind R25
  • Once full, R25 will complete a u-turn and travel to Otumoetai
  • R22 will then commence picking up students in Omokoroa before travelling to Plummers Point.

In the afternoon, students are required to catch the same bus number home in order to avoid over-crowding one bus or the other.

This plan will be monitored over the next week or so and will be adjusted as required. Eventually, bus stops will be assigned to particular routes to maintain balanced loads. Route times will also be adjusted as required.

Update: This change has been effective in balancing the loads between the routes. We anticipate being able to make a timing change to R22 on Wed 22 Feb to improve arrival times at school.

Please continue to send feedback via this website.