Welcome Bay Routes

Welcome Bay Routes

These routes provide a service to students living in Oropi, Pyes Pa and Ohauiti. A transfer point at Pukemapu Road exchanges students between buses to get to their school of choice.

TTNG - Welcome Bay routes

R1 AM – Welcome Bay east to Tauranga schools
This route collects students from the eastern part of Welcome Bay, including Rocky Cutting and Waitao Roads.  It picks up along Welcome Bay Road as far as the Welcome Bay shops where it collects St Mary’s students. From there it travels to Tauranga Boys’, St Mary’s, Fraser Street and Tauranga Girls’ College.

Tauranga Intermediate students get off at Fraser Cove and walk to school.

R1 PM – Tauranga schools to Welcome Bay East
This route collects students from the Tauranga schools and delivers them to the eastern part of Welcome Bay, including Welcome Bay Road, Rocky Cutting Road and Waitao Road.

St Mary’s students travel on the R6 bus to get to Tauranga Intermediate and then transfer to this bus.

Please note that the running times of this bus can be heavily affected by traffic, meaning that the waypoint times can vary by more than 10 minutes.

R2 AM – Welcome Bay to eastern primary schools
This route travels through the southern part of Welcome Bay and delivers students to Maungatapu Primary School. From there it travels along Welcome Bay Road to Rocky Cutting Road and then returns to Welcome Bay School.

R2 PM – Eastern primary schools to Welcome Bay
This route travels from Welcome Bay School along Welcome Bay Road to the corner of Rocky Cutting RoadIt then travels to Maungatapu Primary School before heading to the southern part of Welcome Bay, including Panorama Drive, Kaitemako Road and Waitaha Road South.

R3 AM – Kaitemako Road to Tauranga
This route travels along Kaitemako Road and then travels to Tauranga Boys’, Tauranga Intermediate and Tauranga Girls’ College.

R3 PM – Tauranga to Kaitemako Road
This route travels from Tauranga Intermediate to Tauranga Boys’ College and then Tauranga Girls’ College. From town it travels up Kaitemako Road.