Omokoroa No. 1 School

Omokoroa No. 1 School

To be eligible for a ride on the school bus your family needs to live more than 3.2km from Omokoroa No. 1 School. This includes the following roads and areas:

  • Everywhere north of the corner of SH2 and Omokoroa Road, including Francis Road and Prole Road
  • Youngson Road and Plummer Road
  • Whakamarama Road
  • Old Highway, north of #372
  • Munro Road
  • Snodgrass Road, Te Puna Quarry Road and everywhere east of here.

Bus service
The R15 bus provides a service to these families.
AM route | PM route

Live tracking

You can track your school bus by using the buttons at right.

Priority Service

A priority service system operates on this service to ensure that eligible students have a seat on the bus first. The levels of priority are:

  1. Students that live further than 3.2km from Omokoroa No. 1 School and this school is their nearest
  2. Students that live closer to a different school
  3. Students that live within 3.2km of Omokoroa No. 1 School

A guaranteed seat is available to priority 1 students. Priority 2 and 3 students are able to ride the bus where space allows. Please contact the school office to see if there is room for your child.