Tauriko School

Tauriko School

To be eligible for a ride on the school bus your family needs to live more than 3.2km from Tauriko School.

This includes the following roads and areas:

  • SH29 between Belk Road and the Ruahihi Power Station
  • Omanawa Road between SH29 and Peers Road, including Jensen and Tomsett Roads
  • Belk Road east of #30, including the southern part of Wintrebre Lane, Griffin Road, Melville Road and Lawry Lane

Urban families

Families living in the urban areas close to school are able to access a free Council-run service.

Kaimai zone families
Many of the families attending Tauriko School live closer to Kaimai School. For this reason, the Group is not able to provide a bus service in all cases. This affects families living in the following areas:

  • Omanawa Road south of Peers Road
  • McLaren Falls Road, Ruahihi Road and Gunga Lane
  • Poripori and Kumikumi Roads

Tauriko students living in these areas are able to catch the bus to school, but they must pay a fareParents should note that there is no casual fare-paying service available. The only students able to board a bus are those with a bus pass.

Out-of-zone bus stops
Students that live in the Kaimai School transport zone are able to board the bus:

  • anywhere inside the Tauriko School transport zone, or
  • at Sarona Park,  or 
  • 1378 SH2, near the power station. 

Bus service
The following buses provide a service to Tauriko School students:

R12 provides a service to families living in Ruahihi and Poripori Roads. In the PM, these students travel on R14.

R13 provides a service to families living in and near Belk and Omanawa Roads. In the PM, these students travel on R14

R14 provides a service to families living in McLaren Falls and Omanawa Roads. 

Priority Service
A priority service system operates on this service to ensure that eligible students have a seat on the bus first. The levels of priority are:

A guaranteed seat is available to priority 1 students. Priority 2 and 3 students are able to ride the bus where space allows. Please contact the school office to see if there is room for your child. A fare is payable for all priority 2 and 3 students.

  1. Students that live further than 3.2km from Tauriko School and this school is their nearest
  2. Students that live closer to a different school (e.g. Kaimai School)
  3. Students that live within 3.2km on the southern side of Tauriko School