This is the hub for all school transport information for the Tauranga Transport Network Group. 

The Group provides school transport assistance for students attending:

Getting information about school buses

In this district, we aim to free up school staff to concentrate on education and we leave the management of school buses to EasyBus. If you can’t find the information you want on this website, please contact EasyBus.


R6 Delay due to bus problems

R6 Has Delays due to bus problems, A replacement bus has been sent. R5 is picking up extra passengers that he can. For the remaining passengers, it could be about 20 minutes late


Live tracking

We are about to trial a new system for tracking our school buses. If you encounter any problems with the new system, please contact EasyBus.

For more information on how the tracking system works, please click here.

Please click on an icon to open a menu of tracking maps.

route tracker

Please click on the links below to track a school bus.

GREy icons indicate that no tracker is fitted

Morning routes

afternoon routes